What Is a Cannabis Plant?

Cannabis L. is scientific classified by the USDA as flowering plants(magnoliophyte) Genus under the cannabaceae family. With many sub species The three most recognized are they cannabis sativa, cannabis Indica and cannabis Ruderalis.


Most cannabis is divided into two major sections marijuana which is a drug slang term created back in prohibition time and hemp which is classified as a cannabis sativa L.  In the United States industrial hemp is classified as a cannabis containing no more than .3 delta 9 thc by dry weight in the 2018 farm bill. Anything higher than 0.39% Delta 9THC is considered marijuana. That classification only looks at Delta 9 THC and no other cannabinoid. 


 Its practically impossible to tell the difference for a hemp plant and a marijuana plant

Cannabis plants produces more than 120 different cannabinoids and terpenes that can copy compounds made in the human body. Organic-based cannabinoid’s or a phytocannabinoid’s‘s can take place of our bodies Endocannabinoid’s when our bodies go through deficiencies in its Endo cannabinoid system.


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