Gassed Up was created after seeing firsthand how much The cannabis plant had to offer. As soon as Hemp became legalized in North Carolina we started our own hemp farm and started manufacturing our own products. After seeing and hearing all the amazing stories from our customers we decided to open up our own store so that we could help more people experience the amazing benefits that the hemp plant had to offer.


After hearing about delta8 in the late 2019 We started to order other companies delta 8 products to see what all the talk about the “new” cannabinoid. After doing research about this new cannabinoid we found out it wasn’t so “new”. The Partial synthesis Of delta 8 Was published By Roger Adams in 1941 at the University of Illinois And wasn’t totally synthesed untill 1965 which really opened our eye to how much false information there is compared to all of the factual information. 


At Gassed Up we strive to be open minded and educated in every aspect of the cannabis community and want to make it easier for everybody to understand and be a part of this community and be as educated as possible. We want to help as many people as possible and create a community that gives back to the less fortunate and works together. We can only imagined how advanced and productive we would be if we all worked together and at Gassed Up our number one priority is turning that imagination into reality!